Friday, January 11, 2013


Mommy was able to pick Oliver up from school early today!  Yippie!  He was about to go with his Y Kinder friends to get lunch in the cafeteria.  Mommy asked him if he still wanted to go, and of course he did!  So the two babies that we were with followed the cute kinder line and we watched Oliver get lunch.  (Mommy likes to see little glimpses of Oliver's school life.  It makes her happy!)

His lunch card!

Laughing at something one of the babies said!

Cafeteria door...

The view is really pretty at his school!

Chocolate milk in a bag!

Yum, fried chicken and the salad bar.
Cafeteria Adventure!

We came home and while the babies napped:

Oliver created things.  He just goes crazy with supplies
from our art supply closet!  Mommy loves his creativity!

Then we went swimming: 
Holding the door open for Mommy!

Missy was there.  He is still afraid of her.
(Mommy hopes he isn't like that forever.  
She is really nice.  Most of the time.)  

BRRRR....the air was really cold inside
the pool area!


On our way out, so so cold!


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