Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day

We had a really, really nice New Year's Day!  Happy 2013!!!

The beautiful New Year's Morning Sky when Mommy
went for her run and Oliver was cozy in bed!

Mommy finished her run and picked up 
Oliver for a New Year's Breakfast at our
favorite coffee shop in La Costa!

Mommy spotted some really amazing
artwork on the wall!  One of the barista's
drew it, the medium she chose: Black Sharpie.

Can you tell what really caught Mommy's attention?
One of the barista's names is "Meredith."
(Mommy likes her name!)  

After we fueled our bodies, we picked up Grammie,
and went to the High School to do some exercises!

We all fit through the gate!

And were off to play!

Oliver did a lap and ran around a bunch of
other areas like crazy!

Mommy did a bunch of stairs and stretches.

Grammie walked a mile around the track!
Wahoo!  Keep it up Grammie!

They sat in the special seats while Mommy finished.
Well, Oliver sat for a second!

Then we played tennis!  Kind of.

We hit the ball against the wall!

And tried to encourage Oliver to hit the balls we
tossed at him with his racquet.  Practice, practice, practice!
We will be back!

We came home and were lazy for a little bit...then
we went for our milk walk.  The late afternoon
New Year's sky was so pretty!

Our milk store was closed!  We solved our problem
by going across the street to Vons.  But first Oliver wanted
to check out the "Missing Dog" sign!  We will look out
for it on our walks!

Happy New Year!!!

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