Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Grand Tuesday

Oliver had a grand day at school!  He was ready to go back after a three day weekend!  He even woke up early enough so we had time for some pretty grand cuddles on the couch!  After school we headed over to the Farmer's Market on Grand!  We haven't been for awhile, it was nice to just stroll Grand and look at everything!

On Grand.

We had to get some kettle korn.

The price for this bag of kettle korn is grand,
we wish we were visiting Grammie tomorrow.....

Mommy with our kettle korn.

Making a bag for himself.

Strolling Grand.

We ran into something grand!  
A little cookie company that sells cookies at
select places in Escondido.  We love how they
are bite-sized and inexpensive!

They have a booth at the Farmer's Market now!

The baker lady is really nice too!
Mommy and Oliver recommend their yummies 
to anyone who likes cookies and baked goods!

(Mommy likes the quote at the bottom.)

We also planned on stopping by the reptile store on Grand!

Big guy in the front window!

Turtle trying to get out!  We guess life isn't so
grand when you are stuck in a cage!

He was so excited in there!

Grand Gecko!
(Awesome green color!)

Grand Strawberry kid!

At home we had a restful evening getting ready for bed and doing some homework!

Oliver is ready to get quizzed on these tomorrow!
He is becoming a lot more confident in his reading!

This made Mommy very happy!  Oliver
passed all of his number sheets!
The smiley face is definitely grand and so is Oliver!


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