Sunday, June 18, 2017


Oliver came home today.  He's actually been home everyday since he left on Wednesday.  He helped clean and set up his new to him early birthday present- a basketball hoop!  Yay for the Letgo app, $25 over $200, and good friends who help get weird stuff like that home!  Oliver played basketball like crazy for a few hours1

His friends couldn't keep up, they came in
a lot to play nerf guns and with the cats.

Street Nerf gun play. 

Lazy ping pong cats.

Mommy finally planted a flowering vine plant and started
to clean up the trunk garden which has needed a refresh
for a long time!  Yay for summer, her wrists being stronger,
and for kind of getting out of her exhaustion stage from recovering
from the busy school year.

She found a lot of bones when she was digging today.

Mommy is very glad Oliver is home.

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