Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Last Day of School

It was the last day of school! Oliver is officially a 4th grader now!  Mom, that's what she is clearly called now, helped out this morning in Oliver's class.  She didn't stay all day because the girls all REALLY like Mom and it embarrasses Oliver.  At the end of the day she brought cookies for everyone and flowers for the girls.....giggles.

Mommy finally learned how to use a binder machine!

Oliver gave Mr. Cook a special engraved
pen after school.  

We staryed for awhile because Ben and Oliver
love playing hide and seek with Mr. Cook's
twins, Harry and Hannah.

Harry is in a cupboard...

See Harry?!

At home the boys played nerf guns, water balloon, petted
the kitties, talked about girls- serious Mom heard them!

Kitty love.

The range.

Water balloons!

Sweet Grady watched the water fights,
he'd rather pet the kittens.  


Mom won't get tired from this anymore....the 
state of his Homework.

Yay schools out for summer!

Oliver and Mom are glad it's summer!  

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