Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Today was a mess.

A mess of kids.  Mommy couldn't find
Oliver at the club.  He was lying in the
corner reading a book and didn't notice Mommy.

A mess with the chickens.  The chickens are laying
eggs but the rooster is being aggressive and won't let
Oliver gather the eggs.  Pacheco our gardener/shed
renter had to go in and get them.

A mess of kids in the backyard.  Cynthia out there with
them....that was part of Mommy's plan when she
let her have chickens in our yard.  Get her out of her
dad's truck and playing like a kid.  Not every kid
has is as lucky as Oliver.  (Sometimes it's
good to be reminded of the truth.)  

Playing in the messy range.

Mommy asked Oliver to clean up the mess on his desk.
He made it real neat.  Put some stuff away.  Some
stuff in a bag to sort through later....

And the rest up on his dresser!  Mess!!!

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