Saturday, September 3, 2016

Productivity and Play

Mommy had a productive day while Oliver had a playful day.

Playing with his eyeballs at the bagel shop.  He 
thinks that Mommy can only see the whites of his eyes.

Mommy had to take pictures of his freckly, dirty
face to show him she could see his dark brown
eyes he stole from Mommy.

Returning overdue books.

This system never gets old to watch.

Oliver earned two free meals from local restaurants!

Playing with his friend.

Later listening to a police helicopter.  Oliver got
all protective, but it was an Alzheimer's patient
who left his care home.

Police and community members were looking
everywhere for him.

We think he was found within an hour.

These two were inspired by the police activity to play
cops and robbers.  Oliver is handcuffed.

Mommy wrote all through this and took sidetracked breaks to clean up our home.  She has been busy the last few months, it's piling up.  (Oh well.)   

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