Monday, September 19, 2016


Mondays are going to be different for the next couple of months because of baseball!  Oliver had practice today, Mommy met him there!  Jennifer and Noah are helping Mommy get him there on time, she can't get Oliver there in time because of work...Oliver had fun playing with Noah then going to practice!  He is really enjoying baseball!

Playing catch.  He doesn't really like Mommy to hang
around.  That's ok....

Mommy went for a good run in the park and then did
exercises with Jennifer!  


We picked up den popcorn to sell tomorrow night
and Eric helped Oliver a little with batting.  He
also showed Mommy these neat balls that can
be used to practice batting at home without
fear of breaking windows!  (Every bit of
help and encouragement, gives Oliver so much
more confidence.  He is really excited about

We had to go buy a new washing machine tonight
too.  It was late, but Mommy needed to just do it.
Our washer does weird, sort of scary things.

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