Monday, September 12, 2016

Baseball and Scouts

Oliver had his first baseball practice today!  He has a bunch of fun and Mommy has less anxiety about getting him there at 4:30 every Monday because Noah and his mom are going to help us!  (Mommy took a half day off work to figure it all out, plus we had to go buy another mitt.  Anyone seen his mitt????)  

He was excited!

Mommy stayed but didn't watch much.  She didn't
want to embarrass him.  

He likes practicing in the cages!

Its a two hour practice!  Mommy plans
on running and exercising while waiting!

He changed in the car! We were off to the scout
round up to recruit new scouts.  Mommy helped
a little with applications and did a quick popcorn
lottery meeting after.

These are signs from the middle schoolers...

This is a good one for Oliver's den since they are bears!

Oliver is off with his daddy now.  Mommy has her early staff meeting in the morning.  She will see Oliver after school for rest and Scouts!

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