Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Yard

Oliver came home in late in the morning.  He was super excited to see Mommy and the babies.  He had fun showing Mommy all of his goodies the Easter Bunny brought him yesterday.  We had fun playing in our yard, we planted some things, saw a bunny, and more.

In the early evening we went to Grammie and Grandpa's for a visit.  Oliver was going to open his Easter present from them, but he fell asleep on the way there.  He was really tired.  We thought maybe he would wake up after a bit, but he was sound asleep.  

Sweet dreams.

Mommy got him a special chalkboard/whiteboard with
numbers and the alphabet for Easter.  He liked playing with
it and telling Mommy the letters.

Kind of excited about his egg from Mommy.  He brought
home about 50 filled eggs from an Easter
Egg hunt...Mommy has a lot of candy to hide.

We planted chamomile in a pot to help it grow better.

The seeds are so so small.  (Mommy likes chamomile,
but is kind of irritated...)  It won't grow in our herb
garden.  So we are trying it in its own secluded
pot.  (Maybe being a little sheltered is a good thing.)
Mommy can't wait to watch it grow.

Oliver showing Mommy our tangerine
tree.  He likes watching them grow.

He was explaining to Mommy that we
can't pick them until they are orange.

Little green tangerines. 

A bunny in our yard.  It is eating all of our

Oliver chasing the bunny.

There goes the bunny again.

Bunny hiding.

Oliver checking out the hiding bunny.

Planting a pumpkin seed in our
pumpkin patch.  

 Kind of a blurry picture Oliver and Mommy in our
bunny ears.  Too bad Oliver fell asleep.  Cuteness.
Mommy's Sleeping Bunny

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