Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Donut Wednesday

We had a fun Donut Wednesday morning.  Oliver picked out another easter donut and told the donut man all about what happened to his arm.  He had an awesome day at preschool.  In the evening he helped Mommy in the garden.  We read a great chapter in our novel and he is finally asleep.

Sweet dreams.

Looking for his donut.

The donut hole mountain.  

Mommy isn't sure what this is, but she is glad that
Oliver hasn't seen it.  
Mommy's Easter donut hole.

Oliver's donut.

He had blue sprinkles on his nose.

Wheatgrass Wednesday.  (Yum, she always
 looks forward to it....).  

Oliver was still sleeping when Mommy came to pick 
him up at preschool.  She is so so happy he takes such
good naps at preschool.  Mommy just sat next to him for a while.
Sleeping Oliver, so sweet.
Oliver painted interesting things he saw
outside when we were working in the yard.

Oliver's painting.  Mommy added a leaf.  Fun.
We got our proofs back.  Mommy can't decide which to
choose.  They are all sweet and funny.  Mommy can
tell what was going through his little head in each one.
Comment or send Mommy an e-mail to tell her which
one you think she should order.  (Voting is fun!)


  1. #1 ... I always love the close ups. What's he thinking?

  2. I like that one too. I think he is thinking, "Why are they making me sit here and why is everyone staring at me." And why did Mommy make me wear this outfit...

  3. #1 - love that smile!

    Aunt Jess