Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our Yard

Now that it is warming up and Spring is here, we have been playing around in our yard a lot more.  It is definitely like a secret garden.  We have tons of things growing and we discover new things everyday.  We have tons of fruit trees, lots of fun weeds to pull, and seeds to plant.  We are having so much fun.  

We have Calla lilies growing all over
the front and back yard.

Beets.  Yum.

Tomatoes.  Yum again.  

Hopefully this area turns into a pumpkin patch.
We planted the seeds last week.

Pretty annual flowers.  All the kids like to water them.

Our marigolds.  In the middle are smooth rocks we
find in our yard.  Oliver and Mommy put the rocks
we painted at the Y in the middle too.  Oliver's orange
one is missing though.  One of our mischievous daycare
kiddos buried all the rocks last Friday and we still
can't find Oliver's rock.

Purple Flowers. 

Lavender near Oliver's restaurant.
Mommy read this book a while back.  It has some
really neat ideas.  Mommy is taking small baby
steps in our yard, and she is using some of
the advice the author gave.  

This is our "Three Sisters" area.  Mommy first
learned about it from the book above.  There is corn,
squash, and beans.

These are the beans.  Mommy is calling them
"Allison," they were the quickest to sprout up and 
look like a little family around each rock.  They remind
Mommy of Ali and her growing family.  She is expecting
another baby in September, and they found out today
it is a boy!  Oh boy!!!

These are the squash, Mommy is calling them "Jessica."
They took longer to come up then the other two.  
(Probably because Jessica calls herself a "naysayer.")

The last sister, is "Mommy."  It is corn, Mommy hopes
it grows tall, just the way it is supposed to be.  (Right
beside the corn is Mommy's chamomile.)

Our lavender, it is getting big.  Oliver will
need to cut it back a little.  He always gives Mommy
a lavender flower when we walk past it.
Strawberry Plant.

The flowers are so sweet and delicate.

Pretty flowers trailing through our picket
fence and down into our parking easement.  Pretty.

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  1. Your yard is really coming alive in a nice way! Good work!