Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Oliver had so much fun at his slumber party last night.  Of course when Mommy came over, he just melted.  He became a completely different person--that is normal, a lot of Mommy's daycare kiddos do that when their Mommy's come to pick them up!  We still decided to go on an adventure with Aunt Jess.  We went to the Earth Day Fair at Balboa Park.  Oliver liked the shuttle bus to the park, but had a bit of a hard time getting adjusted to being at the fair.  We worked on making good choices and Mommy had to talk to him....a lot....about his behavior.  After a while he was better.

We had fun when we got home working in our yard and being together.  It was a beautiful day.

Jess and Chad have really cute signs in the front of their home.

This is a new one...there is room to add more names...hmmm...
Jess thinks that having Oliver spend the night might delay
adding a new name..

 This stone always reminds Mommy of this song
by Brad Paisley.  (Mommy really, really likes Brad.)
On the shuttle bus headed to Balboa Park for the 
Earth Day Fair--the weather was very nice.

As soon as we got off the bus Oliver wanted to 
climb trees, instead of going to the fair.  Mommy
let him for a little while.
Mommy got up there with him, a nice lady wanted to take our
picture but Oliver wouldn't look at the camera.  Typical.

Oliver having a little meltdown on the way to the fair.
He was better after he ate and got a balloon.

Earth Day Bike Parking Lot.  Cool!

Oliver checking out the wolf at the Julian Wolf Center
booth.  Mommy will definitely take him there some
day, it is pretty cool!

Balboa Park has the coolest buildings.

Earth Day Fair.

Mommy smiling and Oliver covering his face.  (Smiling.)
Oliver calm and in control. 

Because the balloon man was making him a doggy.

Aunt Jess and President Obama.

Mommy had to get her picture with him too.

The shuttle back to our car.  Oliver loved all
the buildings in San Diego.  Mommy did too!

We liked seeing the Star of India too!  Oliver said
he would be on his best behavior if Mommy took
him on it, maybe.  

Oliver took a nap pretty quick once we were
in the car.  He had a busy, fun weekend.  

Beautiful Sunset from our backyard.  (Mommy 
loves sunsets.)  Oliver pointed out all the colors he was seeing.

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