Monday, April 18, 2011

Broken Arm

Oliver woke up this morning with his hair standing up all cute and a big smile on his face.  Well then around 9:00 in the morning he was happily playing in his "boat"-- a play-yard in our napping room.  He was getting out--not jumping or being crazy--and he landed on his arm.  Mommy was right outside the door, she got to Oliver before he even moved his body off his arm.  As soon as Mommy turned him, she knew...his arm was definitely broken.  Mommy helped Oliver calm down a little bit.  He really only cried for about 5 minutes and sat on the couch, while Mommy figured out how to get him to Children's Hospital.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful daycare families and Grammie.

Oliver and Mommy spent a long time at Children's Hospital.  Oliver was amazing.  Towards the end he was pretty cranky because he was so so hungry and wasn't allowed to eat.  Oliver's arm was broken in two places and the doctors said he has amazing pain tolerance.  He never cried about his arm.  He only cried when he got his IV needle put in--and he was not happy about the blue board that was holding the whole contraption.  Oliver is not a big fan of band-aids and that board was kind of like a band-aid.  Mommy took his mind off it, by tickling him and singing "just breathe"--that always makes him laugh. (This song always seems to help with tough situations.) We were giggling a lot.

So, Oliver now has a cast on his left arm.  The doctors had to put the bone back in place.  The doctor said he should heal nicely.  Oliver said he will not play in play-yards anymore.  Sweet dreams little man.

After waiting 4 hours, this is what Oliver looked like.
He didn't even take tylenol.  Tough Guy.

The nurses covered his blue board, so he wouldn't
get so mad at it.  This is where Mommy had to sing
our song...we were making the nurses laugh too.

His x-ray.  It is broken where the little
X's are.  Ouch.  It was scary looking
at his arm like that...for 4 hours!

Another x-ray view.  (Mommy likes
being able to see through things.)  Oliver
asked if he could cut out his x-rays when
we got home.  Mommy said, "Yes."
An x-ray of his arm after they put it back
in place.  They said it went back very nicely.

He wanted a gum ball after he was all done.
He fell asleep on the way home.  He woke
up later for a couple of hours and ate, laughed,
played, talked about the hospital, and read a
chapter.  He is such a strong kid!

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