Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Purple Cast

Oliver had a wonderful day.  In the morning he opened up his Easter gift from Grammie and Grandpa.  He loved all the clothes and the two Easter eggs with candy in them.  Oliver happily went to school this morning and had a great time!  

In the afternoon he went to the doctor's office and got his arm checked out.  He got his cast rewrapped, and he chose purple.  Mommy's favorite color.  He is so thoughtful.  Oliver's arm is healing nicely.  

Nice Tuesday!

Opening his Easter gift.

Love all the clothes, he is starting to slowly, very
slowly want to wear shorts and short sleeves.
These cool clothes should help out!

Oliver chose a purple cast, on his own.  That 
made Mommy feel really special.  Mommy wanted
to take a cute picture with him.  She is trying to
get a nice picture of us to put in a frame.  But 
it never works.  He is whining here, and Mommy
is trying to talk to him about making good choices...

This one is funny, because he wouldn't stop tickling
and playing around with Mommy.  Mommy just wants
one nice picture of us together.  (When is he
going to be ready?)  Mommy has been trying
since December!  Silly Oliver.

Making a cake with his new purple cast.

They just rewrapped his old cast with the new purple
wrap and took new x-rays.  You can see a little bit
of the old red mixed in with purple.
(Sweet.)   His arm is healing well.
Thank goodness.  

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  1. glad his arm is doing well. Miss you guys! We'll have to come by again soon!