Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hair, Tears, Seeds, and Dinner

This morning Oliver and Mommy were like lazy banana slugs around the house, until around 9:00 and then we visited Grammie's house.  Oliver played with Grammie while Mommy took a Y break.  Afterwards, we went to get his haircut at Adventure Cuts by the library.  Oliver was not a happy camper.  He usually loves getting his haircut there, but lately he has been putting up a fight about everything.  So, Mommy had to hold him and we sat in one of the boring chairs.  The hair girl was amazing.  She was able to cut Oliver's hair through all the screaming and crying.  Oliver said that he wants to sit in the airplane next time and he won't cry.  Mommy is glad he wants to make good choices next time.  

We came home to rest and garden.  Oliver took Mommy to dinner at Chili's tonight.  He had his own gift certificate he earned from his race last weekend.  We had a nice date, Oliver is such a little gentleman.  We had a nice day--after the haircut drama.

Not happy, but we got him to laugh
when we rolled the hair off his clothes.
Mommy had Oliver's hair everywhere too! Itchy.

 Sad little Owl.  He didn't even like
the tickle machine.
He was out the door before Mommy was
even done paying for his haircut.

We stopped by the coffee shop, he was still in a funk.
His girlfriend Krista couldn't even get him to look at her.
He just hid behind Mommy.  His hair looks cute though!

 We planted our lupines in an area
 today and some cat grass in these
little pots.  

 Oliver opened the seed packet on his own and
started planting them himself.
 He wanted to water them with his squirt bottle.
 We put the pots in our daycare window which receive
lots of sunlight.  We can't wait to watch the cat
grass grow.  Meow.
At Chili's Oliver colored his dinosaur green and Mommy
connected the dots.  He was really sweet at dinner.
After reading our chapter we started watching this
movie--at the part when the kids go into the factory.
He loved learning about all the kids little quirks, his 
favorite was Augustus Gloop who likes chocolate.  (Mommy
liked Violet Beauregarde, cute.)  Mommy
thinks Oliver will be watching this a lot!

Sweet dreams.

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