Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Donut Wednesday

Today Oliver wanted the maple bar, good thing he doesn't really eat much of his donut.  Those things are huge!  We had fun eating slowly outside in the cool weather this morning.  Oliver had an awesome day at preschool.

Mommy picked him up early and took him to a check-up at his new Doctor's office.  His Doctor was really funny and made both of us laugh, laugh, laugh.

 Oliver wanted the maple bar.
 The whole thing fit in the bag.  

 Yum again.
 Wheatgrass Wednesday.  (Yum.)
 Getting his blood pressure taken.  Kind of funny for
a toddler.  
 The doctor's crazy collection of fun stuff.
 Playing with a lion before the doctor came in the room.

The doctor wanted to have red hair like Oliver, so he
put on his wig.  He was making Oliver have banana boogers.
Oliver wouldn't let him...

Making Oliver a purple dinosaur balloon when
we were all done.  (Mommy thinks we are pretty
lucky to have found this guy.)  It will definitely make
going to the doctor easy!

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