Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Donut Wednesday

We love donut Wednesday.  Most Wednesdays Oliver gets to go late to school and be picked up early, like today.  We had fun spending time together this morning and this afternoon.  Wednesdays are the best.

Running to the donut shop.

 Easter donuts, yumbo.  Yumbo is what Amanda
said the other day.  Mommy likes that!
 Mommy spies a ducky, can you?
 Little purple bunny hiding.  Oliver gave Mommy
his purple bunny ring.
 Mommy's cinnamon crumb donut hole.
 Wheatgrass Wednesday.  (Mommy loves the protection
it can offer...and looks forward to drinking it.)
 Even though it gives her kind 
of a head rush after she drinks it.
Oliver wanted to bring in the recycle bin himself.  Cool!

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