Monday, January 23, 2017


Our day was full of wackiness.  First, Oliver didn't feel ready to go back to school.  He stayed with his Daddy while Mommy worked.  On our way home we stopped at the mechanics to get help with our tires.  Wacky lights went on this morning on Mommy's drive.  Tires are not Mommy's favorite thing in the world.  Everything is fine though.  We'll be back for a tune up tomorrow.

This was sort of lucky and wacky:

$300 Popcorn Scouts at the Pack Show get donuts and 
hot chocolate tonight.  Oliver couldn't go because he was sick.

But, Mommy had to drop off prizes to the Ginders, who
were the holders of the donuts....

Oliver was feeling well enough to get what he earned.
Wacky huh?
He actually shared some with Mommy.  Even wackier.

Scary wacky:

Our view will be different...we came home to discover
our neighbors tree fell last night.  Everything is ok.
But their biggest tree is gone.  Wacky and scary, this rain
is doing some crazy things.  

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