Tuesday, January 24, 2017

To Do List

We had a few things to do this afternoon after Mommy picked up Oliver from his Daddy.  Oliver should be VERY WELL RESTED NOW and READY to return to school tomorrow.  

Our Subaru, we named him Zippy, is all
up to date with oil and air.  Our mechanic
is pleased with our new car!  

After that errand, we had two things on our list.
Get donuts for Wednesday and DANCE! 

Mommy's hand and wrist are feeling so much better, so
she braved the dance floor!  Oliver is nervous of the hoop....

But wait, this wasn't on our list.  Before we
danced we stopped at Sprout and found this 
little kindergartner!  Chase!  Mommy used to
watch him when he was a baby.  He asked her
if he could come over.....giggles. 

Now we are getting ready to read some 
more of the first chapter in Harry's second book.  

Lists are fun!

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