Tuesday, January 3, 2017


We had a day full of collaboration:

Oliver and Shane:
We stopped by this morning.  Oliver was
excited to collaborate with Shane, while
Mommy collaborated at a Y class and with
her book on the elliptical.

He is the best.


He tried to collaborate with the non-fiction DVDs,
but nothing intrigued him.

Coffee Shop:

Mommy collaborated with Betsy, a 
fun teacher on her 3rd grade team.
We got lured into a technology committee.
We are going to use it to our team's advantage.

Oliver didn't want to collaborate with the camera.

He did want to show us technology things
he works on in his classroom.


Lots of collaboration going on here.


Oliver purchased an ocean fishing pole today 
with his own money and plans on collaborating
with his Daddy and the sea over the next couple of days.

Collaboration is key to a nice, productive day.
Is it bedtime yet?

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