Sunday, July 10, 2016


Oliver came home today....with Scout.  She is spending the night with Oliver since we are leaving on Wednesday morning and they won't see each other for two weeks.  Mommy wonders if she'll end up in her bedroom tonight, since we spent two weeks together in June. She is a good dog.

She had to stay inside when we did some 
errands because there are to many chickens in 
her kennel.  We had 9 chickens.  (Chicken.)

We had fun at our local Walmart.  Not
really, but at least Mommy got most of 
her classroom school supplies and Oliver
found a baseball glove he liked.

He is signed up for baseball in fall.  He 
is very excited.  Any baseball lovers
out there?  Oliver would love to practice!

Mommy is glad Oliver is home.

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