Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Scout Camp

Oliver woke up with a horrendous bloody nose!  After he took a bath and got all the membranes out....he loves that....we were off for his 2nd year of Scout Camp!

Happy Campers, Pouty Campers first
thing in the morning.  

A view from the trade shop.

Fun stuff.

Now we've got some smiles.

He is having fun!

So was Annette!

End of day "Campfire."

He needs to wear this everyday!  So
it should be washed everyday, they
get dirty!

We discovered the sculpture garden at
Kit Carson Park.  It was closed though...
Mommy has always wondered where it was hiding.

After camp we headed to the fair grounds:

Behind the scenes where the horses will stay 
soon for the race season!

We picked up Mommy's students' art and
got ribbons for each classroom teacher!
Today was the only day you could pick up.
We barely made it!

There was a lot of cleaning up going on!
It was neat!

Not pictured.  We went to the Y so Mommy
could breathe, Oliver could do some weight training,
and he learned to balance on a bosu ball.  30 minutes
was all we needed!

Oliver also reported!

We had a great day.  Mommy is glad Oliver enjoyed scout camp, he acted like he was going to hate it.  (The drama of it completely drained and exhausted Mommy.)  Goodnight!

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