Thursday, August 25, 2016


We needed a good dinner tonight.  So we went to Souplantation.  

Then we needed a good walk, so Mommy took him
on a little quiet street near our home.  The houses are
cute and there is some kind of bird operation going
on at one of the houses.  Lots of cooing can be heard.

View from 9th Avenue.

Pinecrest St.  It has all these cute little lamp post. 

Listening to where Mommy heard the birds
one morning when she was on a run exploring 
streets she had never been on.

We rested for the rest of the evening.  We are tired.  Oliver is off with his Daddy tomorrow in the afternoon or evening, we don't know yet.  Mommy will see Oliver for a bit on Sunday when she takes him to his baseball tryouts!  He is EXCITED!  We practiced a little bit of catch tonight.  (Goodnight.)

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