Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Mommy picked up Oliver at the Boys and Girls Club today and we went to Jimbos real quick to get nourishment before a night of meetings.

Mommy wanted this but got wheatgrass
instead.  After Mommy met with Oliver's
teacher Mr. Cook for back to school night.
She was his guinea pig for his presentation
 because she couldn't 
make it to the 6:30 meeting, he taught her
everything, but at 6:00.  He is a great teacher
and very kind.  Mommy is glad Oliver is
in his class.  

Then we headed over to the popcorn lottery
for the store sites.  It is more like a draft...

Oliver made paracord bracelets with the
man that taught him how to make them 
at the Indian Day Scout fair.  He came
to the rescue, Oliver made it a bit
hard for Mommy to concentrate at first.
(Drafts are hard and she needs glasses.) 

Mommy needs her reading glasses!

Store sites.  Big deal!

We came home and did homework real fast, caught up on Harry Potter, and went to bed.  Mommy is glad Oliver is home.

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