Sunday, August 28, 2016

Baseball Tryouts

Mommy picked up Oliver around 11:00 today to get him fed, pickup some baseball essentials, and take him to baseball tryouts...more just assessments, so that the teams are balanced with experienced and not experienced boys.  Oliver was excited, but when we got there he was really nervous and worried.  Mommy tried to help him, but what helped the most was he practiced while he waited with his next door neighbors at his Daddy's house, Riley and Rodger.

Mommy waited a long time, but enjoyed being there.
She made new friends, soaked up the sun, talked to
old acquaintances, and watched baseball!  (She 
pretended like she didn't have any essays she
needed to work on.  Nope, none.)

Still practicing.

In the dugout waiting.

Up next and really nervous, but excited!

He will do well.  Oliver begged Mommy to sign him
up for baseball.  Mommy wants to support his
goals.  She will always figure out how to make
it possible to get him there.  ALWAYS.

Rodger giving Oliver a pep talk.

Oliver going to the plate.

The coaches were very nice to the boys who
have no experience.  Oliver is a fast learner when
he is interested and motivated.

We look forward to spending time at Kit Carson Park
this fall!

Oliver is back with his Daddy now.  Mommy will see him on Wednesday afternoon.  We are doing all this switching lately, it is getting confusing.  Mommy misses her baseball player!

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