Wednesday, August 24, 2016

First Day of Third Grade

Oliver had a wonderful first day of 3rd grade!  He got right out of bed, dressed, ate his "donut Wednesday" breakfast, and brushed his teeth.  He even was waiting at the car before Mommy got outside.  He had an amazing summer and Mommy is grateful he was ready for school without a fuss! 

Trying not to smile when Mommy said
"Good morning, third grader!"

Our mini-cinnamon rolls.  Donut Wednesday
is still taking a different direction.  Kind of Wacky.

(Mommy's tea.)
With a whole bunch of things she needs to get done 
surrounding it.  Our table where rich people sit
has bee getting a lot of use this summer!

Mommy took a lot of 1st day tree pictures.
She takes a picture of him at the tree every 

Drop-off.  The Ginders helped Mommy get Oliver to
school!  Mommy was worried that the parking lot would
be a madhouse at 7:25 when she drops him off.  She can't
be late to school and is already crunched for time, so they
walked him to school!  Mommy is very grateful.  Usually
Oliver's Daddy takes him but he is on a work trip.

Mommy picked Oliver up though!  She was able to 
leave school early because her students have early release
on Wednesdays.  Mommy didn't want to miss this

Oliver also wasn't too keen on going to the Boys
and Girls Club on the first day.  He'll be going 
tomorrow though!

Oliver's classroom!  Room 37.  Mr. Cook.

Oliver got to take home discarded books
that weighed about 50 pounds!  He was
excited and had an awesome day!

Mommy was able to take a picture of his big
kid desk and is so PROUD of him!  She knows
he will do well this year!  The 3rd grade teachers
will be rotating or team teaching, so he gets to
move around to all the classrooms and learn from
three teachers!  Yay!!!

It's going to be a good year!

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