Saturday, August 20, 2016

Scout and Run Day

We had a nice morning at the San Diego Boy Scout Council's "American Indian Day."  Oliver loves learning about the Native American culture and participated in a few interesting activities.  Not really related to Native American's but oh well....

These guys were characters!
Oliver wants to be a mountain man for
halloween!  Easy!

Counting steps at the tomahawk throw.

Mommy has a better picture on her
phone.  She'll put it on later!

Waiting in line for ice cream after lunch.

The tower at Balboa Park!

Helping mommy with her survival bracelet.  

We were the only ones there from our pack.
(Alone.  As usual.)

Mommy's colors.  She'll show you Oliver's later!

You must return.

America's Finest City Half Marathon Expo:


We hung out in the hotel after...

We like to pretend we are staying at fancy hotels.

Setting up the course essentials for tomorrow!

We had a nice day together. 

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