Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Oliver was wild today.  (Mommy has a headache now.)  He had so much fun fishing on a boat that left the Oceanside harbor and then Grammie picked him up and brought him to Mommy's school.  

He reported.  But was too wild
to do a proper 2nd report for the librarian
who was going to allow him to do two reports
so we could get the museum passes.
No passes because he couldn't
do it properly.  Bummer.

His log will be in his backpack in case
his Daddy wants to take him.  Reporting
ends at 5:00 Friday.  We get the passes
every summer and use them always.  
(Mommy has a headache.)

Oliver caught two of the neighbors 
wild chickens.  They are a headache.

Oliver is off to fish camp in the morning and then with his Daddy until Saturday morning around 10:30.  Mommy will see him then for a nice together weekend.  

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