Sunday, August 14, 2016

Busy, Busy

Oliver came home yesterday and Mommy couldn't blog at night, so here are pictures from yesterday!  We went camping at the San Diego Boy Scout Council.  Oliver and Grady got to spin a prize wheel because they were top sellers in the county!  Oliver won a compound bow and Grady won Padres tickets!  Awesome!

On deck.

So serious.

Happy!  He ran to Mommy with the
best expression, but Mommy didn't have
her normal camera to snap a photo.
(She got the camera back but
can't find where she put the battery
and camera card.  She has too much
going on.)  


He is taking his whole family to the game!

They had fun playing, watching a movie, and
cooking smores!

We camped right above the 163 Freeway,
it actually helped Mommy sleep.

Not much at the council.  


We left the campground, headed to the Y,
Oliver hung out extra with his cousins, and
then we all met at Mommy's classroom!

1st day of school tomorrow!

Mommy put Aunt Jess to work!

Grammie too!  Claire didn't realize Mommy
was a teacher.  She told Aunt Jess, "Aunt Mere
is a Mommy AND a Teacher?"  

One of Mommy's new 3rd graders?

Oliver didn't do too much.  He helped 
with his cousins though.

She was a really good worker!

So was she!  Mommy needs to do a label
makeover on her library.  

Mommy likes using this Instagram photo collage app!

Claire cried because we had to leave.

Shane was cool about it.

We came home and did LOTS of chores and
getting ready for other things, like popcorn!
Our popcorn duties have begun, Oliver starts 
school in a week in a half, Mommy starts her last
semester of grad school at the same time....we are

Oliver is off with his Daddy.  Mommy will see Oliver on Friday afternoon for a jam packed weekend! 

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