Monday, August 22, 2016

Camp, Cousins, and Classes

Oliver spent the day at a single day, Y camp.  He got to go play Laser Tag and play at a park on the way back to the Y.  Before the kids leave the Y they get to go on bouncy obstacles or climb a rockwall if they want.  He is SO LUCKY!  He had a lot of fun.  Tomorrow his camp goes to Boomers for the day!  What a fun way to spend the last day of summer vacation!  He also gets to see his cousins, because Grammie is helping Mommy get Oliver to and from camp. (Mommy is grateful for the help.)  

Look at that baby face profile!

Oliver played catch with Grandpa.  Oliver
is excited for his baseball tryouts on Sunday!


Run to Grandpa and hug him!

On the way home...

We checked out who his new teacher is
going to be...

He didn't get the teacher he wanted.
But, he was totally ok with it.

He is getting a new teacher, he is male,
and that is what Oliver wanted, so hopefuly
it will be fine.  Mommy is going to do some
digging.  She wants to make sure he is in 
good hands.  

Oliver was awesome at the Cub Scout leader meeting tonight.  Mommy has her popcorn duties and she is secretary for the pack, so we had to stay for awhile.  Mommy is grateful for his patience.  

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