Sunday, October 9, 2016


Our friends got this song into our heads and today was pretty much all work.  (Mommy doesn't really know what the song is about, she tried to listen to it during the ab track of Bodypump class this morning but she couldn't figure it out.  Too much work.) 

Here is our Sunday work:

Delivering popcorn to cousins:



Slightly questionable. 

Baseball, the email didn't go through that a snack
was needed for the boys at Baseball today, Mommy
went to the mall Target to get something good:

It was OK.  She had something she needed to
pick up.  (Her new album is like listening
to an old friend.)

Oliver pitched for one batter. His coach
makes sure all boys get to play all positions.
Oliver definitely needs to practice throwing
and catching.  He was real sweet out there.

Up to bat!

He hit the ball!!!!

Mommy is still so proud of his baseball efforts!

Popcorn Sales:

He did well at Major Market!

Our manager friend, John, came
out and supported Oliver.  He is sweet.

He wanted to keep selling, he did well!
But we are running out of a lot!  
He needs $257 to make his goal
of $4000!  We've worked hard!


We worked to clean up drywall mess
and get ready for the week.
Still a lot more to go.  But listened
to our friend sing and sing and sing.....

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