Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Donut Wednesday

We had a really good Donut Wednesday.  Oliver was excited about his popcorn total that Mommy told him about, was happy to go to school and look forward to seeing his Daddy and Scout.  Mommy is looking forward to going Cub Scout camping with Oliver this weekend!  She is working hard to tie up popcorn loose ends and pack for camping, plus work!  Popcorn Kernel is basically a part time job. 

Vons donuts.

These looked good.


They got kind of messed up.  Mommy
also didn't get a picture of Oliver's sleepy

Mommy's tea and her voting research.  She needs
some quiet time to work on her ballots.

Mommy will see Oliver on Friday for camping at Lake Dixson!  Yay, for camping 10 minutes from our home!

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