Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Homework and Final Popcorn Sale

Oliver is RESPONSIBLE!  He does his homework or what he can at the club on his own and completes it at home pretty much on his own without Mommy badgering him!  It is pretty AMAZING!  All that work the last few years has finally paid off, he sees the importance of homework, routines, and likes to follow directions.  Yay!

Our old friend Sydney is the same.  But,
she has been that way since she was 2.
I thought it was funny how nice her
folder was compared to Oliver's.

Then Oliver pulled it and ripped it right
in half!

We had a good laugh about it.  Mommy
will get him a new one.


Oliver did much better at Vons
tonight!  He sold a lot and now his
grand total is.......

He has worked hard this popcorn season!
He has also been very patient with all the
den leaders and moms coming over the
last few nights to turn in their stock.

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