Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hanging Out

We unexpectedly got to hang out with the cousins today!

We took them to the library!

They watched the new check in system.

They chose good books.

He saw something he liked....

Big Bird!

They got some pizza for lunch.

They came home with us and got meet our 
favorite neighbor who is helping Mommy
check things off her 6 year old list.

They met Oliver's Daddy for a second
when he came to pick up his popcorn
and a stroller for his new girlfriends,
two year old.  Oliver loves the two
year old and talks about him all the time.

Claire made good use of this desk in the 
Bernadette room.  She is so organized,
creative, and resourceful.

Look at how she organized her crayon boxes!

Mommy put Elmo on so she could clean.  Our house is
not Shane proof.....

Excited about their Daddy's new truck!

Mommy likes it too!  This is her favorite
kind of truck.

In the evening we made it to the batting 
cages.  Oliver had fun practicing.  Mommy
went once and hit 23 out of 25
softball slow pitches!

Goodnight and sweet dreams.

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