Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Den Meeting

We had a nice evening full of Scout stuff.  First we came home to pick up Scout and take her one some errands, we deposited money at the bank for the pack, and picked up snacks Jennifer and Noah to bring to the Den meeting- while our laundry was being generously washed.  (Mommy needs a nice workout outfit for tomorrow's Mileage Club, a state assemblyman is coming to run with our students and a media advisory was sent out by the organization that gave Mommy the funding to get the club going.  Sigh.  Media.)  At least Mommy will feel clean.  

Oliver had a good time at the den meeting tonight learning about knives and whittling.  Unfortunately he brought a knife that was supposed to stay at his daddy's house, which is just not appropriate for a den meeting or Mommy's home.  We worked through it.....

These are not good pictures, sorry.

Lots of boys now!  

15 total bears!

Learning about whittling.  Then went
out to do the whittling of soap.  Oliver
has the official whittling class on 
Saturday morning.

Playing afterwards!

On the way home, after feeding his chickens at
his daddy's (since someone was not planned and
forgot to feed them and give them water) we picked
up a popcorn sale sheet from our neighbor.  She took
it to the courthouse where she works and sold $200
worth of popcorn for Oliver!  Amazing!  She is a riot!
We are glad that we are able to get to know our neighbors.

He hung out on the car while Mommy and Dee
chatted.  He is fast asleep now.

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