Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Den Meeting

Oliver had a den meeting tonight.  Mommy surprised him with Noah and we went to deposit some popcorn money for the pack!  

Mommy tried the claw machine too.  It
is a stress reliever.  

Cute.  That is a real raccoon on Oliver's head.
Mommy stopped at the Indian store on the way
home to get it for Oliver's Halloween costume.
He wore it all night.

We came home real quick and their where crows
everywhere again!  They are eating all the pecans
and making the BIGGEST mess in our driveway.  
It hurts Mommy's feet too!

Mattias came to play for a few minutes too.

Den meeting.

Mommy missed it all.  She was catching 
up on popcorn stuff.  The candy corn
helped her get through it.

The boys walking up the street.

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