Monday, October 3, 2016


Oliver had practice today and he got to spend time with Noah!  Mommy was able to get both of them and take them to their practices.

This girl came with us!

Noah's practice starts 1/2 hour later so we
practiced batting and a swarm of kids
played with Scout!  


Mommy ran with Scout for about an hour and then
she ran into her friend and fitness instructor who
conviently had bands in her car.  Mommy
had them too! We worked out together with 
them for a bit, then her twins took them over!

Oliver got to hang out at Noah's while Mommy
went to a Leader meeting.  Upside down.  
(That's how Mommy has been feeling lately.)

This morning was also a big day at school for Mommy.
She got our school's Mileage Club off the ground!  This was before
a swarm of kids and their parents came to run the track!
It was pretty cool! This is Mommy's new 3rd grade team
member, Betsy, she is sweet!  

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