Saturday, October 1, 2016

Busy Day

We had a busy day!  

One of Oliver's chickens is injured.  Feral
cat.  Need better reinforcement on the coop!

Mommy ran a race about 4 minutes
from our home and won 3rd overall.  Smiling for Oliver.

Smiling for the official camera. 
(Yay, for trophies.)

We sold popcorn today.  A little in the neighborhood
and A LOT at Major Market!  He made a little over
$500 today!  He is at $2,627 now!  A nice lady
bought Mommy a box of kettle korn.  Sweetness!

We were fed up.  Our NEW washing machine
was delivered dented and was not installed 
properly, so does NOT work.  Hassle.

We think Home Depot's policies
are poopy.  Never buying an appliance
there again.  We're getting it figured out
and getting a loaner delivered tomorrow.  
(Yay, for loaners.)

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