Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Reading

Summer reading continues.  We went to Mommy's school this morning to help at a reading day that Mommy helped plan.  A lot of students came and we think it was a pretty good turn out!  Remember to keep reading over summer break!  

A mural!  Mommy will get a complete picture
of how it turned out later!

We asked the public library to come!  The students
love the bookmobile!

Oliver was impressed too!  We had to get to our
post though!

Someone else came to visit!  Mommy is trying to
recruit her a a future classroom helper!  Mommy
doesn't think she'll have any problems.

Testing out our iPad reading of...


After we went to report!

Oliver earned his museum passes today!

We found one of Mommy's summer
reading book recommendations being displayed.
She can only report on audio books or if
she is lucky a textbook that she has read in full.

We had a nice day!
(Goodnight and sweet dreams.)

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