Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Today we rested at home.  Kind of.  Oliver had a ton of projects he was working on and so did Mommy.

We went to go check out one of them in 
the morning.  Otto our neighbor is
making the Little Free Library for 
our little garden area out front.

He has been working hard!

We are going to encourage the smaller
neighbor kids to help plant a garden and
donate some books.

Otto is also making a bench that Oliver designed!

So, so cool!

He is going to do a few more things to 
it and we are going to have a planting/cementing
day on August 16th!  (If you want to come
we'd love to have you help!)  Planting, donating
books, telling the little people what to do....

Mommy asked Oliver to help with a tree that was
in the way of where we will be planting pumpkins.
He gladly helped.  Yay!

Later Mommy talked to Otto.  When we went up
in the morning he was probably sleeping.  Can't believe
he is in high school now and his sister, Maggie is 
in middle school!  

We had a nice day at home.

These kids have a lot of fun too!  


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