Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Good Day

We had a really good day.  Oliver helped Mommy pick up Rachel and Waylon and then we all met Grammie, Claire, and Shane to watch a funny man at the library named, Buster Balloon!

Claire and Rachel excited to be with each other!
They are like sisters!  It is so cute!

Buster Balloon.

Oliver wanted to hold Shane!

They both loved the show!
But Mommy wanted to hold the love bug...

She held him and then he fell asleep on her!

Claire loved the show!  But was getting kind of
crazy because it was almost her nap time!

Back to this one.  Mommy is glad she still has 
the baby touch.  

Last balloon act...

We were laughing....

and then laughing more!!!

Crazy man!

Filing out to get a magic trick from Buster.
Shane was still sleeping on Mommy.

These two reported together!

This one loves talking to the reporting volunteers.


this one earned his t-shirt today!  Yay!

Making a silly face.  Mommy is proud of
his reading this summer.

Claire was working hard on some assignment today.
(Like Mommy.)

Mommy promised Oliver that he could fish for an hour
later on in the day.

Funny, someone happened to be out running with 
his dog and just happened to see us down at the creek...

Oliver was excited to see his Daddy.  
He had told him we would be going there
 earlier on the phone when they discussed some serious 
stuff about dangerous arrows.  Mommy wasn't amused.
She will be happy tomorrow when his Daddy keep his
promise and helps Oliver create a safe "shooting" range
for his arrow, sling-shot creations.  (Its important to
keep your promises.)  

Okay, Mommy will step off her soapbox and sit
on her sandbag to get back to studying.

Oliver played with the neighbor club!  

Goodnight, sweet dreams, and Oliver went to sleep in his own bed without any tears!  Yay!

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