Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Oliver and the USA!

We celebrated Oliver's 8th Birthday today!  The USA celebrated its 239th birthday!  Yay for birthdays and fireworks!

Mommy had some gifts for him when
she brought him home around 1:00.
He was born around 1:00 in the afternoon.

Mommy showed him some special things she got him...

These will last a few days.  They are
so pretty!

Oliver and Mommy decided our home needed a 
flag.  Oliver wanted one for his birthday.  He
helped Mommy put it up.  (We still need help
make the holder part strong.)

We like it close to the porch and low so we can
take it down easily.

Mommy took Oliver fishing for a few hours.
He got a fishing pole from Mommy and from his 

We fished at Escondido Creek in Elfin Forest, 
right near where they built the new bridge.

And new traffic lights.

Oliver caught about 6 fish.  Blue gill and Big
Mouth Bass is what he said.

He is getting pretty good at fishing!

At night we watched fireworks from our roof!  We 
loved it and had fun up there!  


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