Sunday, February 26, 2017


Oliver came home today.  Mommy saw him most of the days he was gone for baseball things or JJ.

Baseball Opening Night:
It was a pretty big deal!

All the teams paraded on the field and were introduced.
Oliver got to hold his team's sign!

Snack shop is open for the spring!  Uh-oh...they
have popcorn!

We took Noah home afterwards in our big bus...

Mommy got the big bus exchanged for something a little
smaller.  This Camaro was all they had. We'll be real careful. 

Tonight, our favorite manager, John, bought
our big milk and little coffee for us.  He's
so sweet!  Talk about a neighborhood store!

Oliver is hooked on this novel.  It's
the first time he has just gone to his room 
to physically read a book on his own.  Not
just listen to it on CD.

Mommy is grateful.

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