Monday, February 20, 2017


Today was a day of firsts.  First, we celebrated the first President of the United States and had a day off school...Mommy actually has the whole week off.

Mommy also had her first accident in 20 years and
had to take Zippy to the autobody shop:

Geico makes it easy.

Except they ran out of small cars...Oliver is impressed.

Mommy is a little nervous.  

Oliver finally had his first baseball game of the season.
A lot has been rained out so far!

His team, the Pirates, played great.  Unfortunately the other
team are experts at stealing bases.

Oliver's team lost.  But, they played great for 
the first game!

Lots more to come in the spring baseball scene!
He's got two games a week and a practice!  
He is LOVING it!

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