Sunday, February 19, 2017


We had a nice day.

Scenes from last night:

Patch on ice!

Penalty box!

Gulliver and Oliver.


Chuck a puck!

We didn't win.  We tried though!

Arrow of Light Ceremony:

We went to watch the Arrow of Light Ceremony 
and support our pack!


A mom is ready to retire her shirt.  She
offered to give it to Mommy.  What do you 
think?  Mommy isn't so sure.  The mom 
needs to take some of the patches off first
and then Mommy will decide.

We went to Dixson Lake after:

This derby would be fun!  But it might be 
the same weekend as a Cub Scout campout.

The lake.

Happy fisher!

We hijacked Logan from the ceremony.
They had fun fishing!

And playing together at home too!

Happy Sunday!

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