Sunday, February 5, 2017


We took a lot of hikes today:

Cub Scout Hike at Sikes Adobe near Lake Hodges:

Oliver wanted to be a leader today.

It's so pretty where we live.

Not the best picture, but hey, we were hiking!

These two have fun together.

We took our dirty feet and hiked at the mall:

Mommy changed her shoes though.

Oliver got some lunch.

He didn't want to hike into Victoria's
Secrets for Mommy to use her birthday

Neighborhood Hike:

We hiked up the hills with Dee and her
dog Oscar, our neighbor from
the street over.  We love them!

Oliver ran!

We also thought this was a nifty mailbox!

Pretty view.  Escondido is a nice place to live.
Lots of diverse hiking opportunities! 

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