Friday, March 25, 2011


Mommy loves wolves.  She loved reading and learning about them all throughout college, she loved collecting wolf figurines from the Stone Critters collection made by United Designs, and she loved observing them in Yellowstone National Park.  Mommy has passed on her wolf collection to Oliver.  He has them displayed in his bedroom.  Last night we finished reading a sweet chapter about wolves in the Little House book.  Oliver is very interested in wolves.  He asks a lot of questions and wants to know how they are different from dogs.  Mommy is trying to teach him what she has learned.  Maybe when he gets older if he is still interested Mommy will share her books about wolves with him and the Wolf history paper she spent a semester in college writing.  Sweet howls.  

Our chapter in the Little House
 One of our figurines had a broken limb.  (Mommy kind
of got stressed out about it....)  So the boys fixed it this morning.
 The boys worked together to make it all better.
 The wolf- all better.  (Sweet boys.)
 One of Mommy's books about wolves.  
Good stuff in here.
 Mommy's favorite book on wolves.  There is a lot of 
great historical information about wolves.  A lot of it really sad.
Oliver's wolf pack.

Mommy's favorite wolf.

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