Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Signs and Grocery Store

Oliver had an awesome day at preschool.  He was excited in the evening to go to the grocery store with Mommy to pick up a few important items.  He is always such a good helper, he always has been, even when he was a baby!  

We came home and he had a nice bath, story time, and now he is resting peacefully.   

Cuteness at School standing next to a 
Hot Air Balloon.
 Mommy saw this on her way home from dropping 
her Owl off at preschool.  She has always liked taking
pictures of signs and thought this one was pretty funny.
 And there were more when she took some
babies for a walk later in the morning.
(These really made her giggle.)
 Oliver checking out Easter eggs at Vons.
(This is Mommy's favorite aisle, she likes to read 
in this aisle!)  Reading the cards today made Mommy
a little sad, she got a letter in the mail today that informed
her that the Patti's Hallmark she worked at for forever
 in La Costa is closing.  Tears.  Lots of memories there.
 In line at Vons, he wanted to swipe our rewards card.
 Kind of random, but we got Gas afterwards.  We 
like having a Vons Gas station so close to our home.
They have such good deals on gasoline.
Oliver was inspired by the Easter eggs at Vons, so
he put our Easter eggs in the bathtub tonight.

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