Friday, March 4, 2011


We had another busy Friday with our daycare friends.  Oliver was pretty excited to spend the day with friends.  He ran around a lot, enjoyed playing outside, eating with his friends, and helping Mommy.  In the afternoon Grammie came over for a while.  Oliver loves seeing her and he enjoyed giving her some flowers outside.  He took an awesome bath and fell asleep pretty quickly afterwards.  We had a nice busy Friday.

 Oliver wanted to sit in a high chair this morning and
eat breakfast.  Silly.
 On Friday's we have breakfast for lunch!  Oliver
always loves to eat breakfast food!
 Going to get the mail in his rain boots.
 He knows which one is our mailbox.  We always love to
get messages.  Usually we get the mail earlier in the day.  (It is kind 
of fun getting it at a weird time.)  Oliver doesn't always get
to venture to the mailboxes with Mommy.
Holding some mail and looking at Grammie proudly...
he just gave her a flower.  He loves his Grammie.

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